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The mission of the KCFM is to provide fresh, local, in-season South Carolina grown products to consumers. By providing a central location for Kershaw county and South Carolina growers and producers to connect and market directly with consumers, citizens gain a local alternative to corporate food production. The main objective of the KCFM is to support existing, and encourage new, small independent South Carolina growers and producers. Additionally, it is the purpose of the KCFM to provide a community gathering space for residents and visitors of Kershaw County.

Harvest Dinner
Hosted by KC Farmers Market

Harvest Dinner hosted by Kershaw County Farmers Market will feature several local producers.

What: Kershaw County Farmers Market Harvest Dinner
When: October 25, 2015 Where: Cornwallis House (222 Broad Street, Camden)
Time: 5:30pm-Cocktails, 6:30pm- Dinner
Tickets: $65 per person,  $120 couple
Limited seating Tickets available at  Farmers Market or The Camden City Market
For more information contact Craig Bell at 803-272-0789

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Summer is in full bloom at the market thanks to all the rain. No matter the weather, you can count on the Kershaw County Farmers Market to open. When it rains and you stay away, it causes our farmers to lose a lot. According to estimates, farmers canlose up to 50% of their business when it rains or the weather turns inclement. Unlike the big chain grocery stores, farmers can not make up the difference in the days following.

The farmers market is more than a place to exchange cash for goods. It is a place to build relationships and support small business at the same time. Here we are closer to the producers, making us responsible and concerned for their success. We then become co-producers, an important and necessary link in the process of providing safe, sustainable and affordable food for everyone.

If you are committed to supporting your local farmers, consider coming to the market on rainy days. It may not be as fun as shopping under clear Carolina blue skies, but look at it this way, the crowds will be smaller and your farmer will be most grateful for your support.

Source: theKitchn

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We are promoting a healthier lifestyle by making the Farmers Market a smoke free environment.
We hope our fans and supporters will continue to enjoy shopping as we make the market a safe and healthy place to connect with friends and neighbors.

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What's Happening
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September  27rd 
Jeff Clark
October 4th
 Blues Festival at the Market
9am-10am: Shrimp City Slim
10am-11am: Little Bit a Blues
October 11th 
Tonya Tyner
October 18th 
Any Day Now
October 25th 
Fall Festival 10am
Kids and pets are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes
(No scary costumes please)
 Live music, games, and Zumba!
October 25th 
KCFM Harvest Dinner
5:30pm Cocktails
6:30pm Dinner
 Closing Day 2014
November 22nd
 Last Day (Farm Day)
Music, Games and Crafts

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